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Typical Cranston Pest Control Problems

Cockroaches are a common sight when spending time in Cranston. These unwelcome insects thrive in warm, moist environments. Unfortunately, Rhode Island’s humidity allows for tons of them. Since cockroaches are omnivorous, they can be seen munching on decaying leaves, berries, and pretty much anything else laying around outside. When they get inside, though, their food options expand exponentially. Sweets, starches, and meats bring them in hoards, so any food crumbs lying around could be a serious problem. Cockroaches can also carry disease, so it’s best if they stay outside. To keep cockroaches out, make sure to clean up water leaks, take out the trash, and keep the kitchen clear of crumbs. . Sometimes, even in spite of these efforts, the little creatures will find their way in. If you notice cockroaches in your home, call Fox Pest Control to schedule a professional cockroach extermination treatment. 

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Cranston Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

Great Service Reps!

– Chris Rennick

Posted December 22, 2020

5 Stars

The staff at Fox Pest control is not only knowledgeable, they are friendly and informative keeping me in the loop on any discoveries and recommended remediation. Living in an old house in the country there is always going to be some level of wildlife activity, so it is so nice knowing that my home is in good hands and I can rest easy knowing that they will be there to take care of any unwanted new roommates who decide to show up.

– Hadley Phelps Lord

Posted December 01, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Widlyne Joseph

Posted November 30, 2020

5 Stars

Great service

– Joan Giannone

Posted November 25, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Rebecca Fine

Posted November 24, 2020

5 Stars


– Glenn Miller

Posted November 17, 2020

5 Stars

They were very professional and polite and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Fox!

– Ida Parks

Posted November 12, 2020

5 Stars

Technician was knowledgeable and helpful, pinpointed the problem, was thorough and worked to fix it.

– Goldy Kolodny

Posted October 27, 2020

5 Stars

The two service techs carefully and successfully removed a large Bald-face hornets nest. Highly recommend their services.

– Jose Lobaton

Posted October 22, 2020

Our Connection to Cranston

Our team members at Fox Pest Control try to do as much as possible to give back the beautiful Rhode Island community. We are proud sponsors of Preserve Rhode Island, the only statewide non-profit working to protect historic places through advocacy, stewardship, and preservation programs. Our partnership to help protect Rhode Island’s historic and unique places for present and future generations is the glue that binds us to not only the community, but the rich Rhode Island history. 

Fox Pest Control Rhode Island Professional
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  • All Technicians undergo a drug screening and driving record review.
  • Fox Pest Control Technicians also complete extensive training in the classroom and on the job with an experienced mentor before servicing alone.
  • You'll always feel comfortable and safe with Fox Pest Control.
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