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Typical Providence Pest Control Problems

Providence, RI lies on the west bank of the Seekonk River. Providence is sprinkled with natural beauty in the form of lakes and parks. Rogers William Park, Edgewood Lake, Cunliff Lake, and others all help make Providence the revered city that it is. However, pests can quickly put an end to a good time. Ants are very common in Providence, partially due to the city’s proximity to water. Pavement ants, odorous house ants, and carpenter ants are a few kinds of ants residents deal with on a daily basis. Pavement and odorous house ants are more annoying than harmful, but carpenter ants are a different story. These frustrating little creatures chew through wood with their large mandibles and can remain undetected in a home’s walls for up to eight years. This gives the ants plenty of time to do serious damage. Most of the time, the damage isn’t covered by insurance. If you suspect an infestation in your home, call Fox Pest Control immediately for professional ant extermination services. 

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Our Connection to Providence

Fox is proud of our connection to Providence. We strive to be involved in the communities we serve. We are proud to be members of the Providence Chamber of Commerce, and the local organizations we sponsor. Some of the groups we sponsor include Rhode Island Latino Arts, a major source of information on Latino arts, culture, history and heritage in the Providence area. Another sponsor is Preserve Rhode Island, a statewide non-profit working to protect historic Rhode Island and educating people about it.

Providence has been special to one of our technicians and his wife for years, because it’s home to Hemenway’s, his wife’s favorite restaurant. It lies in Providence along the river and has made for some amazing date nights. It has a fantastic menu full of fresh seafood, steak, and delicious salads. Our team member and his wife enjoy the ambience and great food every time they go there. 

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